Where We Are

I promise to get better about posting, especially as the days get closer to Emma Kate being born. I would really like to write down what we have been feeling... what we have been going through. I have just been in a fog the past few weeks. I am usually not a person who stresses, but this has been a trying time for us.

The month of July has seen quite a few ups and downs and plans being made and then changed as soon as they feel concrete. I write this now, feeling as if I know the plan, but understand that it could change any day. And I think I am ok with this... this utter chaos. It is teaching me patience like I have never known.

The Plan (as of 11:30am on 7/25):

-Emma Kate is going to be born in Birmingham at UAB Hospital. She is due August 24Th, but could obviously come any time around then. The goal is to let her come on her own time, but will discuss inducing if necessary. After debating having EK in either Atlanta or Birmingham, we feel it is in the best interest for all of us if Bethany just hangs around here until EK is born. The doctors said this would not affect Emma Kate at all as they often fly HLHS babies to other hospitals from UAB.

-Depending on how Emma Kate is after birth, we will wait a few days before transporting to the Children's Hospital of Atlanta where she will have her Norwood procedure. Bethany and I visited CHOA a few weeks ago and feel very confident that EK will be well taken care of.

-While in Atlanta, we will be staying at the Ronald McDonald house a block away from the hospital. We are very blessed that this facility is available and so close to CHOA. We also have several volunteers (Kiki, Nana, etc.) to help love on Anna Brooke and all of us during this time. We are so thankful for this and could not get through this without their support.

We feel that this "plan" is our best option available. Having the logistics figured out has gotten us very excited for Emma Kate's arrival. We are also scared to death of her surgeries. Part of me knows that everything will be alright and the doctors know what they are doing. But part of me cries daily with the fear of something going wrong... for some reason losing her. I try to push those feeling's away, but they creep up from time to time. It is a genuine fear that I have. And I don't know how to make it stop.

Please keep praying for Emma Kate... and for Bethany, me and Anna Brooke. It has been hard but I know blessings are just around the corner. Thank you for your love and support. It means more than you know.