Emma Kate had her upper GI done this morning and the good news is everything looks great. The radiologist said everything is in the right place and is functioning the way it is supposed to. It was really neat to see the liquid making its way down Emma Kate.

So the good news is I guess kind of the bad news as well. We still have no idea what is causing Emma Kate to reflux. They have taken her off of the Portagen and put her on a formula called Tolerex. Tolerex looks and smells like potato water. They are trying to determine if perhaps it is the Portagen that has been causing everything. Her feeds began again at 1pm and she has refluxed 2 or 3 times since. Believe it or not, this is better than the Portagen was. So perhaps this will be the cure. Let's pray.

Dr. Kirshbom came in this evening around 6:30 and said that everything else is looking great. He is pleased with her heart and lungs and feels she is doing a great job. He told me that if the Tolerex controls her reflux somewhat, Emma Kate and I can go home Wednesday!! Please Please Please let the Tolerex work! He also said that if by tomorrow afternoon things are still the same, he will get a GI consult and they will begin doing tests to determine what needs to be done. While this option is scary because I don't like the thought of possibly an additional surgery, it will be great to find out what is causing this. But again... please let the Tolerex work!

I will update again in the morning on how she handled everything. Pray that the Tolerex works.


Kiki and Lito said...

I am praying so hard that this will be the answer. I know you two are ready to get out of the little room! I love you so much!

Jenna said...

Having a serious discussion with God tonight about some Tolerex. :-)I know ya'll are so ready to get home! Praying and praying for ya'll, my friend!