Grateful, Yet Humble

February is supposed to be the shortest month of the year but it seemed to last forever. But thankfully, it is long gone. February went out with awful thunderstorms and March, quite fittingly, came in with beautiful snow.

Snow that was cold and yet refreshing. Snow that only lasted a few hours yet left its mark and reminder that all things are made new and unique. And like snow, all things come and go. And all things are brief.

As I type this, two families of children with heart defects are going through completely different emotions. One family, my own, is rejoicing. Thankful that our month long stay after the Glenn is over. Emma Kate will be discharged in a few hours and will hopefully head home for several months before her Fontan.

Emma Kate will come home and learn how to sit up, crawl, walk and talk before heading back for hopefully her final surgery. She will finally learn what it is to be a normal child. No more keeping her in the house in fear of her shunt clotting. No more keeping her away from other people. She can finally meet our family. And I am so very grateful.

The other family, the Gledhill's, are experiencing every parent's worst nightmare. A nightmare that Bethany and I have had more frequently since having Emma Kate. They are losing their Gracie. And it is breaking my heart.

It has been so hard to watch Emma Kate go through what she has yet she is doing amazing. Gracie hasn't been as fortunate. I have never met this family and I probably never will. But I hurt for them. These heart children around the country become an extension of our family. And when they suffer, we suffer. I hate this defect with all that I am. I pray daily for a cure.

So as I sit here today, I am grateful and weak all in one. I am so excited that my family will all be home today. But am crushed that another family will never be able to say that again.

May I never take things for granted.

And may I never complain again.


Kiki and Lito said...

I love you so much. I'm so glad that Emma Kate is going to come home and finally sleep in her own bed and wear something other than a diaper...and actually get to sleep without someone constantly coming in her room and poking and prodding her..and watch her big sister and smile at her stories!

Lyn and Katrina Stone said...

Just wanted to say hey and let you know we still think and pray for yall. Thanks for being there for us. The kindness that Bethany and you showed us was truly grateful.

sandy said...

This is from Lindsay Woods Jefcoat's mom.....I have been following the details of your sweet family. I feel blessed that I got to visit with you shortly after Emma Kate was born, and I rejoice with you.